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The Blarghalyzer is a tool that allows you to upload the logs from your TFC game server and view formatted statistics and information. Gamers and team leaders no longer have to worry about hosting their logs, much less manually loading a program and having to upload all the output files to a server. Simply find your log file, upload it via the form on this page, and voila! You may also view the entire history of parsed game server logs that gamers like yourself have uploaded since the launch of this site.

Issues of which you should be aware:
  • If a map has unorthodox team names, the blarghalyzed logs may be mostly empty.
  • If the map is not a common one, and it does not have a default flag return time, a default time will likely be assumed.
  • If the map is a command point or attack/defend map, the stats will be presented as if it was a CTF map.
  • On maps that support green & yellow teams, stats for those teams will not be available in the blarghalyzed logs.

Because of the way the tfc server logs events, the following issues would be present to some degree in ALL log parsers. The difference is how these issues are handled, if at all:
  • If a log file has been edited (other than to remove rcon pw's and other very minor changes) there will likely be problems.
  • If a player played as Random class, the role the player has each time he/she spawns is not logged, so the blarghalyzer makes the best guess possible based on the player's actions.
  • If a player tosses a flag, it is not logged, and the blarghalyzer cannot know that it was dropped. It assumes it is still being carried until the player dies, caps, or a player again touches the flag.
  • If a sentry gun (or dispenser or tele) is destroyed by an exploding dispenser or other item, a log entry is not generated. It assumes the SG/disp/tele is still up until the player leaves or builds a new one or the match ends.

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