The Blarghalyzer - TFC Game Server Log Parser


About This Tool:

The Blarghlyzer is a TFC game server log parser. Its output is an HTML-formatted website that displays a virtual cornucopia of statistics & information from the TFC game in the given raw log file.

How Does it Work?

Just follow the simple steps detailed below:

  1. Point your browser to the Blarghalyzer homepage.
  2. Click the 'Browse' button and locate the raw .log file on your hard drive.
  3. Click the 'Blarghalyze!' button to create the Blarghalyzed logs.
  4. Wait 5-30 seconds (depending on web traffic and log file size).
  5. When Blarghalyzing has completed, two links will be displayed. The first link will take you directly to the Blarghalyzed logs. The 2nd link will allow you to download a .tar.gz file of the Blarghalyzed logs, which can then be extracted using WinRar.
  6. Enjoy!

Won't this eventually take up a LOT of disk space on the server?

Yes, that is defininitely a concern of mine. All Blarghalyzed logs are saved on the server, in both HTML format for viewing and .tar.gz format for downloading.

Why should I use the Blarghalyzer?

The Blarghalyzer offers many features and benefits above and beyond other log parsers you may have used:

  • More accurate Game Time, Conced Time & Conced Kills
  • More accurate Touches & Initial Touches
  • More accurate SG & Dispenser Uptime
  • More detailed weapons reporting
  • Handles drops/reconnects without getting confused
  • Handles team changes without getting confused
  • Properly tracks role changes when hud_classautokill = 0
  • Better handling of Random class
  • Tons of additional stats & info:
  • Stats for Time Alive
  • More conced & flag-carrier stats
  • More SG & Dispenser stats
  • Teleporter stats
  • More infection/heal stats
  • More tranq/gas stats
  • More class stats
  • Automatic web-based parsing and storing!

What might I not like about the Blarghalyzer?

What features does the Blarghalyzer NOT currently provide?

  • There is currently no enhanced functionality for Attack/Defend & Command Point maps.
  • Maps that allow teams other than just Blue and Red are not supported very well.
  • Stats cannot currently be filtered based on time span. For instance, if player X played as a Scout for 5 minutes, you cannot see JUST what that player did during those 5 minutes.
  • There is currently no means of downloading a Blarghalyzer client program and running it on your computer.
Based on my opinions and the opinions of a few people I've polled, most these are not especially important features to many of you. However, as time permits and as the public demands, I may add these and other features to the Blarghalyzer.

Who Made It:

The Blarghalyzer was created by me, Blargh, during the time period of November & December, 2005, and January, 2006. I am the same guy who made the League Roster Tracker. I had been thinking about writing my own TFC server log parser for some time. One day MrSparkle of UGC asked me to add a feature to that would allow the user to upload a log file and, on the resultant screen, view a simple list of players who participated, with their Steam IDs & IP addresses. I made it, and in doing so, became inspired to finally start what I knew was going to be a big project. Finally, 5 thousand lines of code later, I present to you the Blarghalyzer!


A big THANKS to the following people who joined servers with me on multiple occasions to help me conduct the tedious gathering of information:

  • Dynasty
  • Etzell|Sooprcow
  • Ground|Zero
  • kefka
  • Leg
  • MrSparkle

Thanks also to the following people, who previewed the Blarghalyzer during development and offered some suggestions that I ended up using:

  • Casper
  • Milosenpotion
  • padawan

Special Thanks:

Extra special thanks go to the following, who provided very useful resources:

  • chikichicky of tfcwh0r3s, who allowed me to use the class images from her website.
  • MD44 of Team-{ARES}- who sent me raw log files on several occasions for use in testing the Blarghalyzer.

Thanks, as usual, also go out to the leagues who provide a great place to play the game we love, and the players who keep the game alive. I sure hope you like this latest offering of mine to the TFC community!


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