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Public Communications (MM1 & Server Text):
 Time Type Team Player Text
 -0:01:04 MM1 red $12.50 BaconMan can i napalm button before it starts?
 -0:01:01 MM1 red $12.50 BaconMan or is taht not allowed
 -0:01:00 MM1 blue [meangirls] Ms. Norbury sure
 -0:00:58 MM1 blue [meangirls] Ms. Norbury tidgaf
 -0:00:15 MM1 blue [meangirls] Glen Coco.t5-BW you guys not tagging up is upsetting to me
 -0:00:14 MM1 blue [meangirls] Glen Coco.t5-BW im canadian
 -0:00:03 MM1 red monkey news flappy head huh
 0:00:00    ------------------------ START OF ROUND ------------------------
 0:14:14 MM1 blue [meangirls] Ms. Norbury LOL
 0:14:56 MM1 blue [meangirls] Glen Coco.t5-BW NO TAGGING UP WE WIN BY MAGIC
 0:15:00    ------------------------ END OF ROUND ------------------------
 0:15:02 MM1 blue [meangirls] Cady Heron gg
 0:15:02 MM1 blue [meangirls] Ms. Norbury gg
 0:15:02 MM1 blue [meangirls] Glen Coco.t5-BW GG
 0:15:02 MM1 red chimpanzee that chimpanzee that
 0:15:04 MM1 red $12.50 BaconMan gg
 0:15:08 MM1 red $12.50 BaconMan submit watever scores you want

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